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Update: This program is very old and was made for Firefox 2. It is not recommended to use this program with newer versions of Firefox.

To help in the ongoing search to make the “home” and “end” keys work in Mac OS X like they work in other operating systems, I give you the Firefox version of KeyFixer. (See here and here for background on the problem and info on how to fix this issue in other apps besides Firefox).

While I believe that this software will not harm your system in any way, it is offered to you for FREE with NO GUARANTEE! This patch for Firefox has been tested by several brave beta testers, and as far as I know, it won’t damage Firefox in any way. I would however, recommend making a backup of your before running this patch. KeyFixer will only try to patch versions of Firefox 2.x found in your Applications folder. Also note that you’ll need to re-run the patch each time you update Firefox.

So, what does the patch do? It simply replaces the platformHTMLBindings.xml file buried deep within a .jar archive inside with a new version that contains fixes to make the home and end keys work correctly. Thanks to everyone who tested this and helped by making suggestions and submitting code. Please post your feedback in the comments section.

Download KeyFixer for Firefox - version 0.2

Also try the regular version of KeyFixer for fixing the home and end keys in other Mac OS X applications.