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The GMKtec Nucbox G2 Mini PC is a compact and all-around good computing solution designed to cater to the needs of users looking for a space-saving yet powerful device. Equipped with an Intel Processor N100, the Nucbox G2 balances performance and energy efficiency, making it suitable for various tasks. It runs on Windows 11 Pro and features 12GB of DDR5 RAM, ensuring smooth multitasking capabilities. The integrated Intel UHD Graphics provides adequate graphical performance for everyday computing and light gaming. With its tiny footprint, measuring just 3.42 inches in width and length, and a thickness of 1.55 inches, the Nucbox G2 is an ideal choice for users with limited desk space.

Pros and Cons of the GMKtec Nucbox G2 Mini PC

Pros Cons
Compact and lightweight design Limited USB ports
Energy-efficient performance Soldered RAM with no option for expansion
Supports 4K at 60Hz via HDMI May struggle with modern, graphically intensive games
Easy access to M.2 SSD for upgrades Higher temperatures and noise under load
Variety of ports including dual HDMI and DisplayPort 1.4 No space for additional internal storage
Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity
VESA mount included for easy installation

Detailed Information about the GMKtec Nucbox G2

The GMKtec Nucbox G2 is a demonstration of modern miniaturization, offering a robust set of features in a miniature package. The device's heart is the Intel Processor N100, which provides a maximum speed of 3.40 GHz across its four cores. This processor is well-suited for office applications, media consumption, and light content creation tasks. While non-upgradeable, the 12GB of DDR5 RAM ensures the system can handle multiple applications simultaneously without a hitch.

Storage solutions are generous and flexible, with the base model coming with a 512GB M.2 SATA SSD and the option to upgrade to a 2TB M.2 2242 SATA SSD. This provides ample space for applications, documents, and media while offering the speed benefits of solid-state storage.

Connectivity is a strong suit for the Nucbox G2, featuring Wi-Fi 6 specifications for fast and reliable wireless internet connections and Bluetooth 5.2 for connecting a wide range of peripherals. Wired connections are equally well-catered for, with dual Ethernet ports capable of 1Gbps speeds, three USB 3.2 ports for high-speed data transfer, and a USB-C port supporting DisplayPort 1.4, allowing for flexible monitor setups and modern power delivery options.

The Nucbox G2 is designed with convenience in mind, as evidenced by its easy-to-access internals for maintenance or upgrades. The inclusion of a VESA mount in the box makes it simple to attach the mini PC to the back of a monitor, further reducing its footprint on your workspace. Despite its small size, the Nucbox G2 does not skimp on performance or features, making it a compelling choice for those who need a capable PC that will only take up a little space.

Reviewers' Insights on the GMKtec Nucbox G2

Team Pandory's Analysis

Team Pandory's review of the GMKtec Nucbox G2 Mini PC offers a comprehensive look at this compact device. Its small stature impressed them, describing it as "surprisingly light" and "pocketable." Including a VESA mount and changeable lids adds a touch of customization, while the variety of ports, including USB 3.2 and dual HDMI 2.0, caters to connectivity needs. Despite its size, the Nucbox G2 supports 4K at 60Hz and houses a fan for cooling, which is a thoughtful addition for a mini PC.

Internally, the device is equipped with 12GB of DDR5 RAM and a 1TB SSD, which Team Pandory found generous. They noted the GPU's ability to handle low-requirement games, although they mentioned a desire for additional USB ports. The Nucbox G2 runs Windows 11 Pro and exhibits energy efficiency, with an idle power draw of 9-10 watts. Team Pandory concluded that the Nucbox G2 offers excellent value and is ideal for students, families, and emulation enthusiasts, though they cautioned about its limitations in 3D gaming performance.

Robtech's Perspective

Robtech's review lauded the GMKtec Nucbox G2 Mini PC for its compactness and USB-C power feature. The build quality is deemed good despite being made entirely of plastic. The device's user-friendly design allows for easy access to its internals, and it comes with Windows 11 pre-installed, though it also supports Ubuntu. Robtech highlights the Intel N100 CPU's adequacy for office work, 4K media playback, retro gaming, and its capability to handle video editing tasks.

Benchmark tests reveal solid single-core performance, but the multi-core performance lags slightly behind the fastest N100 CPU tested by Robtech. The mini PC's graphics performance stands out, but its small size contributes to higher temperatures and more noise under load. Robtech concludes that the Nucbox G2 is a decent choice for those seeking portability and good performance, with the caveat of soldered RAM and limited space for additional storage.

TechDweeb's Gaming Focus

TechDweeb's review of the GMKTec Nucbox G2 emphasizes its gaming capabilities. The mini PC's Intel Alder Lake N100 processor and Intel UHD graphics based on the Iris Xe architecture are praised for their ability to handle desktop tasks and 4K video playback. While the Nucbox G2 is unsuitable for the latest graphically intensive games, it performs well with indie and older titles.

TechDweeb is impressed with the device's performance for its price range, noting its suitability for indie gaming. He plans to use the Nucbox G2 as a dedicated gaming machine and recommends it for budget-conscious gamers interested in lower-spec games. He also acknowledges the limitations of the mini PC for more demanding emulation tasks.

Complete Technology Solutions' Retro Gaming Test

John from Complete Technology Solutions Computers and Gaming provides a unique perspective in his review, focusing on the Nucbox G2's potential as a retro gaming computer. Despite initial skepticism due to the Celeron processor, John is pleasantly surprised by the system's performance, particularly in Xbox emulation, which he finds significantly better than his previous AMD systems.

John appreciates the easy access to the Mini PC's internals and the active cooling system, which ensures stability during gaming. He concludes that the Nucbox G2 exceeds his expectations for a Celeron-based system, offering excellent value for its price and suitability for both office applications and retro gaming.

In summary, reviewers agree that the GMKtec Nucbox G2 Mini PC is a compact and efficient device that offers good value for its price. It is well-suited for various tasks, including office work, media playback, and gaming, particularly retro and indie titles. While gaming performance and upgradeability have some limitations, its portability and range of features make it an attractive option for budget-conscious users and those with space constraints.

Customer Feedback on the GMKtec Nucbox G2

Customers who have purchased the GMKtec Nucbox G2 Mini PC have shared their experiences, contributing to a collective understanding of the product's real-world performance. The feedback from users is mainly positive, with several aspects of the device being highlighted.

Users are particularly impressed with the Nucbox G2's performance, noting its ease of handling everyday computing tasks. The device's image processing capabilities have been tested and approved by users, although its gaming performance still needs to be explored by the reviewers. The Nucbox G2's fast boot-up times and the latest Wi-Fi 6 connectivity are appreciated features that contribute to a seamless user experience.

The compact size of the Nucbox G2 is a recurring theme in customer reviews. Many users are pleased with the small form factor, which does not sacrifice computing power. This makes the Nucbox G2 an ideal choice for those with limited space or who prefer a minimalist setup. The variety of ports, including a DisplayPort for multi-monitor setups, adds to the device's versatility, and the option to choose between blue or black faceplates allows for a degree of personalization.

Ease of upgrade is another point of satisfaction among customers. The straightforward process of upgrading the SSD is positive, indicating that the Nucbox G2 can grow with the user's needs. The quiet operation and sturdy build quality are additional factors that contribute to the overall positive reception of the mini PC.

Customers find the included items satisfactory despite the need for peripherals such as a monitor, keyboard, and mouse in the package. The ability to run software like Microsoft 365 and iTunes without issues is a testament to the Nucbox G2's capabilities as a daily driver for productivity. Design improvements, such as accessible screws for the cover, are also noted and appreciated by users.

In conclusion, customers recommend the GMKtec Nucbox G2 Mini PC for its affordability, compactness, and capability. It is seen as a suitable alternative to laptops or full-size towers, particularly for users with space constraints or those seeking to minimize energy consumption. The positive customer service experiences with GMKtec further enhance the product's reputation.


The GMKtec Nucbox G2 Mini PC emerges as a compact and efficient solution for users with specific needs. Its small footprint, combined with the performance of an Intel N100 processor and integrated Intel UHD Graphics, makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a space-saving desktop for everyday tasks, 4K media playback, and retro gaming. The inclusion of 12GB of DDR5 RAM and a 512GB M.2 SATA SSD ensures snappy performance for most non-intensive computing activities.

However, users looking for a Mini PC capable of handling high-end gaming or resource-heavy applications might need to consider other options. The Nucbox G2's modest processing power and integrated graphics are not designed for the latest AAA gaming titles or professional-grade content creation. Additionally, the soldered RAM and lack of additional storage expansion may limit future upgradeability.

For students, families, or individuals who appreciate a minimalist setup and are primarily engaged in web browsing, office applications, media consumption, and light gaming, the GMKtec Nucbox G2 is a commendable choice. Its energy efficiency and USB-C power input make it an attractive option for mobile setups or environments where power conservation is a priority.

For those with more demanding computing needs or a preference for a more upgradable and powerful system, exploring alternatives with higher-spec components and expandability would be advisable. Users can leverage Starry Hope's Mini PC Comparison Tool to find a Mini PC that aligns more closely with their requirements.

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GMKtec Nucbox G2 Mini PC

GMKtec Nucbox G2 Mini PC

GMKtec Nucbox G2 Mini PC

GMKtec Nucbox G2 Mini PC


List Price: $219.99

Amazon Prices:

List Price: $219.99

Amazon Prices:

List Price: $249.99

Amazon Prices:
Version12GB/1TB/Intel N10012GB/256GB/Intel N10012GB/512GB/Intel N100
Perfomance Rating4.554.5
Operating SystemWindows 11 ProWindows 11 ProWindows 11 Pro
ProcessorQuad-core 3.40 Ghz (max 3.40 Ghz)
Intel Processor N100
Quad-core 3.40 Ghz (max 3.40 Ghz)
Intel Processor N100
Quad-core 3.40 Ghz (max 3.40 Ghz)
Intel Processor N100
GPUIntegrated Intel UHD GraphicsIntegrated Intel UHD GraphicsIntegrated Intel UHD Graphics
RAM12 GB DDR5, single-channel (Soldered on-board, 4800 MT/s)16 GB DDR5, single-channel (Soldered on-board, 4800 MT/s)12 GB DDR5, single-channel (Soldered on-board, 4800 MT/s)
Internal Storage1 TB m.2 SATA256 GB m.2 SATA512 GB m.2 SATA
width x length x thickness
3.42 x 3.42 x 1.55 inches
(86.87 x 86.87 x 39.37 mm)
3.42 x 3.42 x 1.55 inches
(86.87 x 86.87 x 39.37 mm)
3.42 x 3.42 x 1.55 inches
(86.87 x 86.87 x 39.37 mm)
Weight0 lbs (0 kg)0 lbs (0 kg)0 lbs (0 kg)
WiFiWiFi 6WiFi 6WiFi 6
Ethernet2 Ethernet ports at 1 Gbps2 Ethernet ports at 1 Gbps2 Ethernet ports at 1 Gbps
HDMI2 Full Sized HDMI Ports2 Full Sized HDMI Ports2 Full Sized HDMI Ports
DisplayPort1 DisplayPort (Type-C DP 1.4)1 DisplayPort (Type-C DP 1.4)1 DisplayPort (Type-C DP 1.4)
VGANo VGA PortsNo VGA PortsNo VGA Ports
USB Ports3 USB 3, 1 USB-C3 USB 3, 1 USB-C3 USB 3, 1 USB-C
Thunderbolt PortsNoNoNo
Internal SATA PortsNo SATA portsNo SATA portsNo SATA ports
Card ReaderNo Card ReaderNo Card ReaderNo Card Reader
Headphone JackCombo Headphone/Mic JackCombo Headphone/Mic JackCombo Headphone/Mic Jack
VESA MountYesYesYes
In the BoxMini PC, Power Adapter, VESA Mount with Screws, Blue Mini PC Cover Lid, HDMI Cable, User ManualMini PC, Power Adapter, VESA Mount with Screws, Blue Mini PC Cover Lid, HDMI Cable, User ManualMini PC, Power Adapter, VESA Mount with Screws, Blue Mini PC Cover Lid, HDMI Cable, User Manual
ExpandabilitySupports up to 2TB M.2 2242 SATA SSDSupports up to 2TB M.2 2242 SATA SSDSupports up to 2TB M.2 2242 SATA SSD

Frequently Asked Questions

What operating system does the GMKtec Nucbox G2 Mini PC come with?

The GMKtec Nucbox G2 comes pre-installed with Windows 11 Pro, providing a modern and secure computing environment.

Can I upgrade the RAM on the Nucbox G2?

The 12GB of DDR5 RAM is soldered onto the motherboard, so upgrading the RAM post-purchase is possible.

Does the Nucbox G2 support dual monitors?

Yes, the Nucbox G2 supports dual monitors through its two HDMI ports and one DisplayPort 1.4, offering various options for your display needs.

Is the storage on the Nucbox G2 expandable?

Yes, the Mini PC supports up to a 2TB M.2 2242 SATA SSD, which you can upgrade if needed for additional storage.

Can I use the Nucbox G2 for gaming?

The Nucbox G2 can run indie and older games smoothly, but it may be suitable for something other than the latest graphically intensive games.

Does the Nucbox G2 have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity?

The Nucbox G2 has Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2, ensuring fast and convenient wireless connections.

Is the Nucbox G2 fanless?

No, the Nucbox G2 includes an active cooling system with a fan to maintain optimal performance.

What ports are available on the Nucbox G2?

The Nucbox G2 has three USB 3.2 ports, two HDMI 2.0 ports, a DisplayPort 1.4, two 1Gbps LAN ports, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a USB-C port for power delivery.

Can I mount the Nucbox G2 behind a monitor?

The Nucbox G2 has a VESA mount, allowing for a tidy and space-efficient setup behind a monitor.