Does Apple Music Work on Chromebooks?

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Apple Music on Chromebooks

Short Answer:

No. Apple does not currently support listening to Apple Music through the Chrome browser or allow the installation of the Apple Music app for Android on Chromebooks.

Long Answer:

Apple Music Play Store Chromebook While Apple claims that “all your devices are ready to play,” they have yet to support Chromebooks. Despite the fact that many recent Chromebooks support running Android apps from the Play Store, and Apple already has an Android app for Apple Music, they do not support their Apple Music Android App on Chromebooks.

Currently, if you try to install the Apple Music app on your Chromebook, you will get a notification that says your Chromebook is not compatible. If and when Apple decides to support Apple Music on Chromebooks remains to be seen.

Have you had any luck listening to your Apple Music account or iTunes music on a Chromebook? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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