Can Chromebooks Run Windows Apps?

Published on by Jim Mendenhall

Chromebook Windows

Short Answer:

No. Chromebooks come with Google’s Chrome OS, not Windows or MacOS. Windows applications are not supported by Google on Chromebooks.

Long Answer:

If you really need to run a specific Windows app on a Chromebook, there are ways you can do it (for some, but not all applications). Of course, this will only work on INTEL-BASED CHROMEBOOKS! However, all of the current methods for installing Windows apps require more than basic technical skills and putting your Chromebook into Developer Mode.

One way to run Windows apps on a Chromebook is to install Ubuntu via Cruton and then use Wine or CrossOver Linux to install your Windows apps. Quite a few applications, such as Microsoft Office (2007, 2010, 2013) and Steam will work with this method.

Another way to install Windows apps is with CrossOver Android. This is still very much a software PREVIEW, but if you happen to have an Intel-based Chromebook that supports Android apps, then you might want to give it a try.