Compress Website Images with Trimage

Published on by Jim Mendenhall

If you do a lot of publishing on the web, you probably know that you should be optimizing your images for speed. However, this can be a rather tedious task, especially if you’re received images from another person or department and you just want to quickly get them online. There are many great command-line tools available for Linux that will quickly optimize your images, but using them is not so convenient.

trimage screenshot

Thankfully, Kilian Valkhof and Paul Chaplin have put together a little tool to help streamline your image optimization. Trimage Image Compressor provides a simple to use graphical interface (as well as a command line interface) for compressing JPG and PNG images. Just open Trimage and drag and drop the images you want to compress. The original images are overwritten with losslessly optimized versions in just a few seconds.

Because Trimage also offers a command line interface to the standard optimization libraries available on Linux, it can come in handy if you need to optimize images with scripts before uploading to your site. I recommend using Trimage to speed up both your workflow and your websites.