Dell Inspiron 1420N with Ubuntu Unboxing

Published on by Jim Mendenhall

Dell 1420N with Ubuntu Dell recently added the Inspiron 1420N to their lineup of Ubuntu Linux notebooks. I’ve been looking for a good notebook to run Linux on for some time and wanted to support Dell in their decision to offer consumer computers with Ubuntu pre-installed. I just received my new (and first) Dell today and decided to take some photos of the unboxing process.

Overall, the unboxing process and first few hours with the machine are going well. I’m writing this post and even edited and uploaded the photos from the Dell - all with no extra software installed. While Dell still has a long way to go to catch up with the style and elegance of an Apple unboxing, it seems like they’ve come a long way over the last year. I’m just happy to have a computer running Ubuntu out of the box. Ah, the smell of freedom is in the air!

Check back later for more reviews and info about this latest Dell Ubuntu offering. Update: The review is online now.

Dell 1420N with Ubuntu Box

The box that DHL dropped off.

Dell 1420N with Ubuntu 'Computer Made in Malaysia'

Looks like this one was made in Malaysia. Thanks for the info Dell.

Dell 1420N with Ubuntu Unboxing

They made sure that the first thing you see is the recycling kit. That’s kind of cool.

Dell 1420N with Ubuntu Unboxing

So far, things are looking pretty nice.

Dell 1420N with Ubuntu Unboxing

It seems like they just threw all the junk that comes with the computer in the box. It works, but it doesn’t look so great.

Dell 1420N with Ubuntu Unboxing

Of course, it doesn’t come with much but a power adapter (and an extra battery I ordered).

Dell 1420N with Ubuntu Documents

And a bunch of pretty much useless books. The only thing worth keeping here is the CD.

Dell 1420N with Ubuntu Disc

I didn’t order any OS support with this computer. Thankfully, they have a sticker on the disc pointing us to Ubuntu’s community support site.

Dell 1420N with Ubuntu Unboxing

Ok, this looks pretty nice.

Dell 1420N with Ubuntu Unboxing

But they put so much tape on the styrofoam that I had to go get a knife to get it open. Not very classy.

Dell 1420N with Ubuntu Unboxing

Finally got it open!

Dell 1420N with Ubuntu

I ordered the “Expresso Brown” colored notebook. Looks black to me!

Dell 1420N with Ubuntu

It doesn’t look too bad when opened up. And the screen doubles as a mirror!

Dell 1420N with Ubuntu Bottom

The bottom of the machine is functional but ugly.

Dell 1420N with Ubuntu

No Windows sticker! I could do without the extra “n series” logo.

Dell 1420N with Ubuntu Keyboard

A Windows key on an Ubuntu machine, sort of a bummer.

Dell 1420N with Ubuntu EULA

The machine boots up to the Dell EULA.