Google Maps on the Nokia N800

Published on by Jim Mendenhall

I finally got my Nokia N800 today. I was amazed at how easily it connected to the internet with WiFi and with my mobile phone. One thing I found useful so far was being able to access Google Maps on the run. It’s a little small on the screen, but I found it useable, and it sure would be nice if you were lost somewhere (because I know you wouldn’t stop and ask for directions).

I captured this short screencast of the N800 in action using Google Maps. The video was captured using VNC on the N800 along with Chicken of the VNC and iShowU on my Mac, so there was some overhead in both processing power and network speed that caused the video to be slightly jerkier than it usually is. The AJAX maps also rendered slower when running VNC and you see a funny looking cursor instead of the regular N800 cursor … but as far as I know, using VNC is the only way to capture video from the N800.

Video Download: Quicktime version

If you want more than just google maps on your N800, you could try the new Nokia Navigation Kit for the N800.