10 Great OS X Application Icons

Published on by Jim Mendenhall

The latest generation of Mac applications have really focused on the way an application looks. Developers are creating beautiful user interfaces and slick looking icons that make their apps more pleasing to look at. I appreciate the time and energy that people have put into making their apps look great.

Here’s a list of 10 Mac OS X applications with really cool icons. What are your favorite OS X application icons?

AppZapper IconAppZapper

An uninstaller application on steroids - AppZapper is not only useful, but has a killer icon.

Cyberduck IconCyberduck

This is the only open-source FTP and SFTP application that will run on my mac. While it’s not as efficient as Transmit for SFTP transfers, Cyberduck is free and has a great icon.

ImageWell IconImageWell

“The Handy Image Editor that will save you time and money.” ImageWell is a program that really lives up to its hype. I had my doubts about ImageWell, but find it extremely useful when I want to make a quick edit to a picture without spending the time to open Photoshop or Fireworks. Oh, and it has a great icon too!

Midnight Inbox IconMidnight Inbox

I had high expectations for Midnight Inbox. I’ve been looking for a good GTD app and Midnight Inbox looked promising. Unfortunately, the application is so confusing that it’s nearly impossible to use. On the bright side, the developer did spend a lot of time on the icon, and it looks great! I’ll be keeping my eye on this app.

Little Snitch IconLittle Snitch

Little Snitch monitors outgoing network traffic to let you know when applications are connecting to the internet. It also gives you the ability to block interent access for certain applications. Little Snitch has many of the features of ZoneAlarm with a much cooler name and icon.

SuperDuper IconSuperDuper!

This application makes fully bootable backups of your Mac hard drive. I like SuperDuper’s icon because it moves beyond the normal shiny 3D look of most OS X icons and does something more original.

svnX IconsvnX

SvnX is a must-have application for mac developers who need to work with Subversion repositories (a version control system). Their icon subtly displays the idea of version control and looks amazing in my dock.

Tangerine IconTangerine!

Tangerine is an application to help you “create magical playlists”. Huh? I haven’t found this app very useful, but the icon is sweet!

Toast IconToast

Roxio’s all-purpose CD and DVD authoring software has one of the most clever icons around. Sure, it’s expensive and doesn’t smoke while it burns, but Toast’s feature set is unmatched in the macintosh market.

Transmit IconTransmit

Transmit is commonly considered to be the best mac FTP application. It comes with a very detailed, toy-like icon. I guess these guys didn’t hear the speech from Senator Ted Stevens about the Internet. After all, “It’s not a big truck. It’s a series of tubes.”