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The ACEMAGIC S1 Mini PC is a compact computing solution that balances performance and portability. It boasts an Intel 12th gen N95 CPU capable of reaching 3.4GHz, integrated UHD graphics, and 16GB of DDR4 RAM. Its standout features include a front-mounted status LCD screen for system information or customizable images, and RGB lighting controllable via pre-installed software. With 512GB or 1TB storage options and the convenience of two M.2 slots for easy upgrades, the ACEMAGIC S1, running Windows 11, is an appealing option for those seeking a modern mini PC.

Pros and Cons of the ACEMAGIC S1 Mini PC

Pros Cons
Compact and portable design Limited gaming performance
Customizable front-mounted LCD and RGB Single-channel RAM limits performance
Dual M.2 slots for storage expansion Potential software security concerns
Energy-efficient with low power draw Absence of Thunderbolt and Type-C ports
Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity Plastic build feels less premium
Competitive pricing

Detailed Features of the ACEMAGIC S1

The ACEMAGIC S1 is a practical solution for many computing needs. Its front-mounted LCD is not merely for show; it provides actionable system information that can be customized to the user's liking. The magnetic stand allows for versatile placement, adapting to various workspaces while maintaining the LCD's orientation.

Connectivity-wise, the S1 boasts dual HDMI for multi-display setups, dual gigabit Ethernet for robust networking, and a mix of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports for peripherals. Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 4.2 ensure fast and reliable wireless connections for internet access or connecting Bluetooth devices.

Ease of use and maintenance are also key aspects of the ACEMAGIC S1. The two M.2 slots—one NVMe and one SATA—offer flexibility for storage expansion. The system's low power consumption, peaking at just 23 watts, aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly technology. Despite its small size, the ACEMAGIC S1 Mini PC is a powerful testament to the evolution of compact, capable computing devices.

Reviewer Insights on the ACEMAGIC S1

ETA PRIME's Perspective

ETA PRIME's first look at the ACEMAGIC S1 highlights its unique features, such as the customizable front-mounted LCD and RGB lighting. The S1's small form factor and value are praised, along with its magnetic stand and easy-to-upgrade M.2 slots.

The mini PC's everyday computing capabilities, 4K video playback, and emulation performance for older games are noted, though it's not suited for modern AAA titles. The reviewer emphasizes the S1's energy efficiency, with a maximum power draw of 23 watts.

ETA PRIME concludes that the ACEMAGIC S1 is a solid choice for daily tasks and light gaming or emulation but not for high-performance gaming.

Tech4All's Analysis

Tech4All's review focuses on the ACEMAGIC S1's compact size, low power consumption, and performance at a budget-friendly price. The mini PC's plastic frame, dual LAN ports, and magnetic stand are notable features. Despite using DDR4 RAM, the specs are comparable to laptop-grade computers.

Serviceability is appreciated, with accessible RAM, storage, and fan, though the lack of a SATA HD expansion slot and single DIMM slot are drawbacks. The mini PC's office task performance, 4K support, and multimedia server capabilities are praised, along with strong network connectivity and quiet operation.

Potential improvements include adding Thunderbolt support and a more stable base. Michael recommends the ACEMAGIC S1 for its compactness, pricing, and performance and finds the LED display a fun feature.

Novaspirit Tech's Honest Review

Don from Novaspirit Tech offers an honest review of the ACEMAGIC S1, admiring its appearance and unique front panel display. The S1's hardware, including an N95 processor, single-channel DDR RAM support, and a 1 TB NVMe storage drive, is highlighted alongside its quiet operation and low power consumption.

However, limitations arise when using the S1 for a home lab setup, as the front panel's display does not work with Linux, and Windows Defender flags the LED software. The S1's performance is akin to an outdated i5 3rd generation processor, suitable for standard tasks and older games but not for GPU-intensive applications.

Don concludes that the ACEMAGIC S1 is more powerful than a Raspberry Pi and could be used for light home lab tasks or as a desktop, but it could be better due to performance limitations and software issues. He suggests that an updated CPU could improve the S1's appeal.

Tech Guy Beau's Emulation Focus

Tech Guy Beau's review of the ACEMAGIC S1 Mini PC is favorable, with an appreciation for its compact design and aesthetic. The mini PC's dual m.2 slots are a rare and valuable feature for storage. The Intel N95 processor is a capable, low-power CPU for media and productivity tasks.

The S1's performance in 4K video playback and browsing is snappy, with efficient heat management ensuring low temperatures under load. The customizable LED display offers various options for system stats.

For emulation enthusiasts, Beau confirms that the S1 handles N64 and PSP emulation well. He reiterates his liking for the ACEMAGIC S1, noting its suitability as a media streaming server and its good performance for media and productivity tasks. Beau also mentions the availability of a discount coupon, advising viewers to check the video description for details.

Customer Reviews of the ACEMAGIC S1

Customers generally respond favorably to the ACEMAGIC S1 Mini PC, praising its compact design, performance in everyday computing tasks, and seamless high-resolution video playback. The magnetic cover is a hit for its convenience during memory upgrades and the additional m.2 slot is well-received for storage expansion.

With adjustable orientation, the Mini PC's information screen offers useful system stats at a glance. Its aesthetics and low power consumption, equivalent to an LED bulb, are also praise points. While not recommended for high-end gaming, its performance is excellent for general use, and it offers good value for the price, which is under $300.

Conclusion: Who Should Consider the ACEMAGIC S1 Mini PC?

The ACEMAGIC S1 Mini PC is ideal for users seeking a compact, energy-efficient computer for everyday computing, media consumption, and light gaming. Its unique front-mounted LCD screen, RGB lighting, and dual M.2 slots offer functionality and aesthetics.

It's perfect for those who value a small footprint and low power consumption, serving as a powerful addition to a home office or living room. However, those looking for a Mini PC for modern AAA gaming or heavy content creation may need to look elsewhere.

For users interested in comparing the ACEMAGIC S1 with other Mini PCs, the Mini PC Comparison Chart on Starry Hope offers a convenient way to evaluate different models.

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List Price: $

Amazon Prices:

List Price: $299.99

Amazon Prices:
Version16GB/512GB/Intel N9516GB/512GB/Intel N97
Perfomance Rating4.95
Operating SystemWindows 11 ProWindows 11 Pro
ProcessorQuad-core 3.40 Ghz (max 3.40 Ghz)
Intel Processor N95
Quad-core 3.60 Ghz (max 3.60 Ghz)
Intel Processor N97
GPUIntegrated Intel UHD GraphicsIntegrated Intel UHD Graphics
RAM16 GB DDR4 SO-DIMM, single-channel16 GB DDR4 SO-DIMM, single-channel
Internal Storage512 GB m.2 NVMe256 GB m.2 NVMe
width x length x thickness
5.03 x 4.88 x 1.61 inches
(127.76 x 123.95 x 40.89 mm)
5.03 x 4.88 x 1.61 inches
(127.76 x 123.95 x 40.89 mm)
Weight0.83 lbs (0.38 kg)0.83 lbs (0.38 kg)
WiFiWiFi 5WiFi 6
Ethernet2 Ethernet ports at 1 Gbps2 Ethernet ports at 1 Gbps
HDMI2 Full Sized HDMI Ports2 Full Sized HDMI Ports
DisplayPortNo DisplayPortNo DisplayPort
VGANo VGA PortsNo VGA Ports
USB Ports2 USB 2.0, 2 USB 32 USB 2.0, 2 USB 3
Thunderbolt PortsNoNo
Internal SATA PortsNo SATA portsNo SATA ports
Card ReaderNo Card ReaderNo Card Reader
Headphone JackCombo Headphone/Mic JackCombo Headphone/Mic Jack
VESA MountNoNo
In the BoxACEMAGIC S1 Mini PC, Adapter, HDMI Cable, User Manual, Base BracketACEMAGIC S1 Mini PC, Adapter, HDMI Cable, User Manual, Base Bracket
ExpandabilityAble to add second m.2 SATA SSDAble to add second m.2 SATA SSD

Frequently Asked Questions

What operating system does the ACEMAGIC S1 Mini PC come with?

The ACEMAGIC S1 comes pre-installed with Windows 11 Pro and is ready for use immediately.

Can I upgrade the storage on the ACEMAGIC S1?

The S1 has dual M.2 slots for storage expansion, supporting both NVMe and SATA SSDs.

Does the ACEMAGIC S1 support dual monitors?

Absolutely, with dual HDMI ports, you can easily set up an extended desktop with two monitors.

Can I use the ACEMAGIC S1 for gaming?

The S1 can handle older games and emulation, but it needs to be optimized for modern AAA gaming due to its specs.

Is the front-mounted LCD screen on the ACEMAGIC S1 customizable?

Yes, the LCD screen is customizable and can display various system stats or be set with user images and presets.

What kind of RAM does the ACEMAGIC S1 use?

The S1 uses DDR4 SODIMM RAM in a single-channel configuration.

How is the connectivity on the ACEMAGIC S1?

The S1 offers robust connectivity with Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, dual gigabit Ethernet, and multiple USB ports.

Is the ACEMAGIC S1 fanless?

No, the S1 uses an efficient cooling system with a fan to maintain low temperatures, ensuring quiet operation.