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The DreamQuest Pro Mini PC is a small yet powerful computing solution ideal for users who value high performance in a limited space. Running on Windows 11 Pro, it has an Intel Processor N95, 8GB of RAM, and a 512GB M.2 NVMe SSD, making it adept at handling various everyday tasks. The DreamQuest Pro boasts a sleek design, featuring a robust build with aviation-grade aluminum alloy and tempered glass. Its small footprint, measuring just 5.45 inches square with a 1.53-inch thickness, is perfect for minimalistic or space-constrained environments.

The connectivity options are plentiful, with Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 4.2, dual Ethernet ports, and three HDMI outputs for multi-display setups. The Mini PC is also expandable, offering USB 3.0 ports, a microSD card reader, and the possibility to add a 2.5'' SATA SSD up to 2TB. A VESA mount in the package allows for versatile placement options, enhancing the DreamQuest Pro's appeal as a well-rounded Mini PC.

Pros Cons
Compact and space-saving design RAM is soldered, limiting upgradeability
Runs Windows 11 Pro Integrated graphics may not suit heavy gaming
Multiple connectivity options including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Initial software setup may present challenges
Supports multi-monitor setups with three HDMI ports Potential thermal limitations under heavy use
Expandable storage with M.2 and SATA SSD options

Detailed Features of the DreamQuest Pro Mini PC

The DreamQuest Pro Mini PC is engineered to cater to a range of users, from professionals requiring a reliable workstation to home users looking for a media center. The Intel Processor N95, with its 3.40 GHz speed, provides a solid foundation for productivity applications and light content creation. The DDR4 SO-DIMM memory ensures efficient multitasking, although the non-upgradable nature of the soldered RAM might be a consideration for power users.

The DreamQuest Pro boasts a sleek design with aviation-grade aluminum alloy and a tempered glass top cover, including LED breathing lights for a modern touch. Including a VESA mount in the box enhances its versatility, allowing it to be discreetly attached behind monitors or TVs, saving valuable desk space.

For connectivity, the Mini PC is good. The dual Ethernet ports offer options for network redundancy or increased bandwidth, while the Wi-Fi 5 capability ensures wireless connectivity. The Bluetooth 4.2 feature allows for easy pairing with peripherals. Multiple USB 3.0 ports facilitate the connection of various devices, from external storage to input devices, without the need for a hub.

Reviewer Insights on the DreamQuest Pro Mini PC

GregglesTV's Take on DreamQuest Pro Mini PC

GregglesTV provides a glowing review of the DreamQuest Pro Mini PC, touting its affordability and impressive performance for a device priced under $250. The reviewer appreciates the minimal pre-installed software, which avoids unnecessary bloatware. The Mini PC's capability to play 4K videos smoothly on YouTube at 60fps over Wi-Fi and the decent sound quality of the built-in speakers is commendable. GregglesTV praises the hardware, including the Intel N5105 processor, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD, for delivering performance comparable to an eighth-gen Intel premium processor. The design, described as "pretty freaking cool," features aviation-grade aluminum alloy and tempered glass with LED breathing lights.

The DreamQuest Pro Mini PC is recommended for basic computing tasks like web browsing, light gaming, and office work. However, GregglesTV points out that it is not suitable for heavy gaming. The Mini PC's fast SSD, stylish appearance, and ample connectivity options, including three HDMI ports and dual Ethernet ports, are highlighted as key selling points. GregglesTV summarizes, "It's for someone that wants to do basic tasks that you do every single day." For more insights, watch GregglesTV's review here.

SJM4306's Analysis of Dreamquest Pro Mini PC

SJM4306 delves into the Dreamquest Pro Mini PC, focusing on its hardware upgrades, such as the Intel Celeron N5105 processor, 16GB RAM, and 512GB SSD. The reviewer notes the affordability of the Mini PC and suggests that if priced under $300, it would be a compelling deal. The compact size and inclusion of an internal M.2 SSD and full-size SATA port for additional storage are appreciated. However, the short length of the included power cord and HDMI cable are minor drawbacks.

The build quality receives high marks, with a metal power button and a glass or high-quality plastic top that, while prone to fingerprints, adds to the aesthetic appeal. The Dreamquest Pro's cooling system is well-designed, but SJM4306 points out that placing the SATA cable and CMOS battery could be problematic. The soldered RAM limits upgradeability, and the reviewer encountered software issues during setup, which he believes Dreamquest should address to improve the user experience.

Performance-wise, the Mini PC handles emulation and less demanding games well but falls short with modern AAA titles due to its integrated graphics. The unit's thermal management is noted, with the system getting warm under heavy use but the fan remaining quiet. SJM4306 concludes by rating the hardware highly but marking down the software experience due to setup issues. For a more detailed review, visit SJM4306's video here.

Customer Reviews of the DreamQuest Pro Mini PC

Customers who have purchased the DreamQuest Pro Mini PC share a range of experiences, reflecting the device's performance and features in everyday use. The feedback from users offers valuable insights into the practicality and reliability of the Mini PC.

Many customers are pleased with the DreamQuest Pro's compact design and ability to handle everyday tasks such as web browsing, office work, and media consumption. Users appreciate the Mini PC's quiet operation and the fast boot times afforded by the SSD. Including Windows 11 Pro is frequently mentioned as a positive aspect, providing a modern operating system.

On the connectivity front, the multiple HDMI ports and the option for dual Ethernet connections are well-received by users who require extensive peripheral connectivity or network redundancy. The ease of upgrading with additional SSDs or hard drives is also highlighted as a benefit by those looking to expand their storage capacity.

However, some users have encountered challenges. A few mention that the Mini PC struggles with more demanding applications, such as high-end gaming or intensive multitasking, consistent with the device's hardware limitations. There are also isolated reports of software issues during setup, with a handful of customers expressing frustration over having to troubleshoot or reset Windows 11 to achieve a smooth initial experience.

Overall, the DreamQuest Pro Mini PC garners positive feedback for its affordability and functionality in routine computing tasks, alongside some critiques related to its performance ceiling and occasional software hiccups.


The DreamQuest Pro Mini PC is well-suited for users needing a compact, efficient, and versatile computing solution for everyday tasks. Its sleek design, ease of use, and ample connectivity options make it a solid choice for home offices, media centers, and general web browsing. However, users focusing on high-performance gaming or resource-intensive applications may need to consider alternative Mini PCs with more robust specifications. For those interested in exploring a more comprehensive range of options, Starry Hope's Mini PC Comparison page offers a convenient way to compare different Mini PCs and find the one that best fits their needs.

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DreamQuest Pro Mini PC

DreamQuest Pro Mini PC

DreamQuest Pro Mini PC

DreamQuest Pro Mini PC


List Price: $199.99

Amazon Prices:

List Price: $299.99

Amazon Prices:
Version16GB/512GB/Intel N9532GB/1TB/Intel N95
Perfomance Rating4.95.8
Operating SystemWindows 11 ProWindows 11 Pro
ProcessorQuad-core 3.40 Ghz (max 3.40 Ghz)
Intel Processor N95
Quad-core 3.40 Ghz (max 3.40 Ghz)
Intel Processor N95
GPUIntegrated Intel UHD GraphicsIntegrated Intel UHD Graphics
RAM16 GB DDR4, single-channel32 GB DDR4, single-channel
Internal Storage512 GB m.2 NVMe1 TB m.2 NVMe
width x length x thickness
5.45 x 5.45 x 1.53 inches
(138.43 x 138.43 x 38.86 mm)
5.45 x 5.45 x 1.53 inches
(138.43 x 138.43 x 38.86 mm)
WiFiWiFi 5WiFi 5
Ethernet2 Ethernet ports at 1 Gbps2 Ethernet ports at 1 Gbps
HDMI3 Full Sized HDMI Ports3 Full Sized HDMI Ports
DisplayPortNo DisplayPortNo DisplayPort
VGANo VGA PortsNo VGA Ports
USB Ports4 USB 34 USB 3
Thunderbolt PortsNoNo
Internal SATA Ports1 SATA port, includes 2.5" drive bay (can install extra hard drives such as SSD or regular old just hard drives)1 SATA port, includes 2.5" drive bay (can install extra hard drives such as SSD or regular old just hard drives)
Card ReadermicroSD Card ReadermicroSD Card Reader
Headphone JackCombo Headphone/Mic JackCombo Headphone/Mic Jack
VESA MountYesYes
In the BoxMini PC, VESA mount, HDMI cable, Power adapter, User ManualMini PC, VESA mount, HDMI cable, Power adapter, User Manual
ExpandabilitySupports addition of 2.5'' SATA SSD up to 2TBSupports addition of 2.5'' SATA SSD up to 2TB

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the DreamQuest Pro Mini PC handle multiple monitors?

Absolutely! The DreamQuest Pro Mini PC is equipped with three HDMI ports, enabling you to connect up to three monitors at once for an expansive multi-display setup.

What type of processor does the DreamQuest Pro Mini PC have?

The DreamQuest Pro Mini PC boasts an Intel Processor N95, a quad-core powerhouse that clocks in at 3.40 GHz, delivering reliable performance for a range of computing tasks.

Is the RAM in the DreamQuest Pro Mini PC upgradeable?

Unfortunately, the RAM is soldered onto the motherboard, so it's not upgradeable. It's wise to choose a model with the amount of RAM you'll need right from the start.

Does the DreamQuest Pro Mini PC have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities?

Yes, it does! The DreamQuest Pro Mini PC comes with Wi-Fi 5 for fast wireless internet access and Bluetooth 4.2 for connecting all your favorite peripherals wirelessly.

Can I add additional storage to the DreamQuest Pro Mini PC?

Yes, you can! The Mini PC supports the addition of a 2.5'' SATA SSD up to 2TB, giving you plenty of room for all your storage needs.

Is the DreamQuest Pro Mini PC suitable for gaming?

The DreamQuest Pro Mini PC can handle casual and light gaming quite well, but it's not built for heavy gaming. It's perfect for classic and less demanding games but might not run modern AAA titles smoothly.

Does the DreamQuest Pro Mini PC come with a VESA mount?

Yes, it does! The DreamQuest Pro Mini PC includes a VESA mount in the package, making it easy to attach to the back of a monitor or on the wall for a tidy setup.

What operating system does the DreamQuest Pro Mini PC run?

Out of the box, the DreamQuest Pro Mini PC runs the latest Windows 11 Pro, giving you access to all the newest features and security enhancements from Microsoft.

Is the DreamQuest Pro Mini PC fanless?

No, the DreamQuest Pro Mini PC isn't fanless. It has a well-designed cooling system with a heat sink and fan to ensure it stays cool during use.

What's included in the box with the DreamQuest Pro Mini PC?

When you unbox the DreamQuest Pro Mini PC, you'll find the Mini PC itself, a VESA mount, an HDMI cable, a power adapter, and a user manual to help you get started right away.