Photo of MINIX NEO Z100-0dB

The MINIX NEO Z100-0dB represents the latest development in fanless Mini PCs, boasting a balanced blend of silent operation and robust performance. At the heart of this compact device lies an Intel Processor N100, capable of reaching speeds up to 3.40 GHz, and it's paired with Intel UHD Graphics. It has 16GB of DDR4 RAM, expandable to 32GB, and a 512GB NVMe SSD, offering rapid boot times and plentiful application storage. Running Windows 11 Pro, the Z100-0dB supports many connectivity options, including Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, and a 2.5 gigabit Ethernet port. Encased in an all-metal chassis and tipping the scales at 1.96 lbs, the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB is portable and durable, making it an exemplary choice for those seeking a desktop replacement or a sleek media center.

Pros Cons
Fanless design ensures silent operation Single RAM slot
Expandable memory up to 32GB No internal expansion for an SSD beyond the NVMe drive
Versatile connectivity with Wi-Fi 6 and 2.5Gb Ethernet Absence of a display port
Dual HDMI ports supporting 4K at 60Hz C-States not enabled by default in BIOS
Pre-installed with Windows 11 Pro Gaming capabilities limited to older or less demanding titles

Detailed Features of the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB

The MINIX NEO Z100-0dB distinguishes itself with a fanless design that contributes to a quiet environment and minimizes the risk of mechanical wear. The all-metal body is a testament to the device's design, serving the dual purpose of aesthetics and effective heat management, ensuring the Mini PC remains cool during intensive tasks. Its compact footprint of 4.84 x 4.72 x 1.81 inches allows it to blend seamlessly into any workspace or entertainment center.

A highlight of the Z100-0dB is its impressive suite of ports, including USB-C, dual USB 3.0, and dual HDMI 2.1 ports capable of delivering crisp 4K content at 60Hz. Storage expansion is facilitated via a microSD card reader. Network connectivity is robust, featuring cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 technology and a high-speed 2.5 gigabit Ethernet port for versatile networking solutions.

Internally, the Mini PC is engineered with user upgradeability in mind. The single DDR4-3200 RAM stick can be swapped out to reach the total 32GB capacity, and the NVMe SSD is equipped with a heatsink to avert thermal throttling, thus maintaining peak performance. The MINIX NEO Z100-0dB is a silent yet mighty machine, embodying a design ethos that marries performance with user-centric features.

Reviewer Insights on the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB Mini PC

Robtech's Perspective on the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB

Robtech's review radiates enthusiasm for the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB, beginning with the reviewer's immediate impression of its quality. The all-metal exterior is lauded for its premium feel and role in efficient heat dissipation—vital for fanless mini PCs. The reviewer declares, "It's my dream come true. Super solid and feels very premium."

Robtech commends the device's extensive port selection, which satisfies various connectivity requirements. The inclusion of Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 is a contemporary touch for seamless wireless connections. The review highlights the device's performance, particularly after enabling C-States in the BIOS, which noticeably enhances single-core performance and positions the Z100-0dB as a strong competitor against actively cooled units.

The Z100-0dB's gaming capabilities are suitable for classic titles and adeptly manage daily computing tasks. Robtech notes the low power consumption and the NVMe drive's stable temperatures, which are advantageous for sustained operation. However, the reviewer does point out the limited storage expansion options and the need for manual C-States activation as minor drawbacks. Nevertheless, the Z100-0dB is praised as "by far the best budget fanless mini PC," redefining its market segment. The full review is available on Robtech's YouTube channel.

Britec09's Take on the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB

Britec09 evaluates the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB with a critical eye, questioning its ability to supplant a conventional desktop PC. The fanless design is highlighted for its silent operation—a key benefit for users averse to noise. The build is described as solid, with a substantial aluminum heatsink and metal body, implying durability and long-term reliability.

The mini PC's internals, including the single memory slot and the NVMe SSD, are designed for easy upgrades, though Britec09 indicates a preference for dual-channel memory for enhanced performance. The mini PC is deemed competent for 4K streaming, office tasks, and casual gaming, positioning it as a viable Plex server or a compact desktop alternative for users with moderate computing demands.

Britec09 concludes that the Z100-0dB offers respectable performance for its price tag of $259, presenting it as an appealing choice for those searching for a fanless, space-efficient PC. Limitations in advanced gaming and 4K video rendering are noted, but it can effectively replace a desktop for users with basic computing needs. The comprehensive review can be found on Britec09's YouTube channel.

Both reviews concur on the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB's solid construction, silent operation, and its ability to compete in the fanless mini PC market. While not the most powerful mini PC on the market, its balance of cost and performance is evident. The MINIX NEO Z100-0dB stands out as a viable option for users seeking an economical, fanless mini PC with performance that can match actively cooled alternatives.

Customer Reviews of the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB

Customers have warmly received the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB, with many expressing satisfaction with its silent operation attributable to the fanless design, making it a perfect fit for noise-sensitive settings such as home offices and living rooms. The compact size is also a highlight, allowing for discreet placement and saving valuable space.

Users commend the mini PC's ability to smoothly execute daily tasks like internet browsing, office work, and media consumption. The pre-installed Windows 11 Pro is a significant advantage, sparing users the additional cost and effort of acquiring an operating system.

Some customers, however, note the device's limitations in gaming and high-performance tasks. While the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB is apt at handling light gaming and older titles, it is not intended for running the latest games at high settings. This aligns with the expectations for a mini PC in this class but is a consideration for potential buyers with gaming in mind.

The build quality receives accolades, with several customers underscoring the premium feel of the all-metal exterior. The array of ports is also well-received, connecting various peripherals and displays simultaneously.

Nevertheless, a handful of customers have voiced a wish for more internal storage options or an additional SSD slot, heightening the device's expandability.

Overall, the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB is well-regarded by customers who value a silent, compact, and proficient mini PC for everyday use. Its gaming and expandability constraints are recognized, but they do not significantly diminish the overall positive experience reported by the majority of users.


The MINIX NEO Z100-0dB is an attractive proposition for users searching for a silent, fanless Mini PC that doesn't compromise performance for everyday tasks. Its noiseless operation makes it an excellent choice for environments where tranquility is paramount. With a sturdy build, the Z100-0dB is also a reliable device that can endure continuous use without the concern of fan noise or failure.

Professionals needing a Mini PC for light productivity, web browsing, and 4K video playback will find the Z100-0dB a dependable ally. Its compatibility with Windows 11 Pro and various Linux distributions broadens its appeal to diverse user preferences. Moreover, the Mini PC's capability for light video and photo editing makes it suitable for content creators requiring a compact, secondary device.

However, there might be better choices than the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB for users with high-performance computing requirements, such as advanced video editing, 3D rendering, or contemporary gaming. Mini PCs with more powerful processors and dedicated graphics might be more appropriate for those users.

For those looking to incorporate a Mini PC into a home theater setup, the Z100-0dB's noiseless operation and 4K output make it a compelling option. It's also perfect for users with limited space or those aiming to downsize from a larger desktop without sacrificing too much performance.

To find more Mini PC options and discover the best fit for your needs, utilize Starry Hope's Mini PC Comparison Chart.

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List Price: $239.90

Amazon Prices:

List Price: $269.90

Amazon Prices:
Version8GB/256GB/Intel N10016GB/512GB/Intel N100
Perfomance Rating4.35
Operating SystemWindows 11 ProWindows 11 Pro
ProcessorQuad-core 3.40 Ghz (max 3.40 Ghz)
Intel Processor N100
Quad-core 3.40 Ghz (max 3.40 Ghz)
Intel Processor N100
GPUIntegrated Intel UHD GraphicsIntegrated Intel UHD Graphics
RAM8 GB DDR4 SO-DIMM, single-channel (Upgradable to 32GB)16 GB DDR4 SO-DIMM, single-channel (Upgradable to 32GB)
Internal Storage256 GB m.2 NVMe512 GB m.2 NVMe
width x length x thickness
4.84 x 4.72 x 1.81 inches
(122.94 x 119.89 x 45.97 mm)
4.84 x 4.72 x 1.81 inches
(122.94 x 119.89 x 45.97 mm)
Weight1.96 lbs (0.89 kg)1.96 lbs (0.89 kg)
WiFiWiFi 6WiFi 6
Ethernet1 Ethernet port at 2.5 Gbps1 Ethernet port at 2.5 Gbps
HDMI2 Full Sized HDMI Ports2 Full Sized HDMI Ports
DisplayPortNo DisplayPortNo DisplayPort
VGANo VGA PortsNo VGA Ports
USB Ports2 USB 2.0, 2 USB 3, 1 USB-C2 USB 2.0, 2 USB 3, 1 USB-C
Thunderbolt PortsNoNo
Internal SATA PortsNo SATA portsNo SATA ports
Card ReadermicroSD Card ReadermicroSD Card Reader
Headphone JackCombo Headphone/Mic JackCombo Headphone/Mic Jack
VESA MountYesYes
In the Boxpower supply with multiple region adapters, HDMI cord, two antennas, a reusable cable tie, monitor mount, screws, and the user guidepower supply with multiple region adapters, HDMI cord, two antennas, a reusable cable tie, monitor mount, screws, and the user guide
ExpandabilityMemory upgradable to 32GB, storage upgradable. Extra expansion with microSD card.Memory upgradable to 32GB, storage upgradable. Extra expansion with microSD card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB run Windows 11 Pro?

Yes, the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB comes with Windows 11 Pro pre-installed, offering a contemporary operating system experience straight out of the box.

Is the RAM in the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB upgradable?

Certainly! The device supports RAM upgrades up to 32GB, enhancing multitasking and overall performance.

Does the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB support Wi-Fi 6?

Indeed, it does. The MINIX NEO Z100-0dB comes with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), providing faster and more efficient wireless connectivity.

What type of storage does the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB use?

The MINIX NEO Z100-0dB uses an M.2 NVMe SSD, which delivers quick data access and transfer speeds. This storage can also be upgraded if you require more space.

Is the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB fanless?

Yes, it is—the fanless design guarantees silent operation, ideal for settings where noise is a concern.

Can I mount the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB behind a monitor?

Yes, the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB is VESA mount-compatible, allowing you to attach it to the back of a monitor for a tidy and space-efficient setup.

What kind of graphics does the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB have?

The MINIX NEO Z100-0dB features integrated Intel UHD Graphics, which are well-suited for everyday computing tasks, streaming, and casual gaming.

How many USB ports does the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB have?

The MINIX NEO Z100-0dB has four USB ports: two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports. Additionally, there is one USB-C port for data transfer.

Does the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB have an Ethernet port?

It includes a 2.5 gigabit Ethernet port for fast and reliable wired network connections.

Can I use the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB for gaming?

While the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB can handle light and retro gaming, it is not designed for high-end gaming due to its integrated graphics.

What comes included in the box with the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB?

The box contains the power supply with multiple region adapters, an HDMI cord, two antennas, a reusable cable tie, a monitor mount, screws, and the user guide.

Is there a card reader on the MINIX NEO Z100-0dB?

The MINIX NEO Z100-0dB includes a microSD card reader for extra storage expansion options.