Skype for Chromebooks

Published on by Jim Mendenhall

One of the most requested apps for Chromebooks over the years has been Skype. Many people use Skype for chatting or talking with their friends, family, and work contacts. Until recently, the lack of Skype for Chrome OS was a real deal breaker for many. However, it’s now possible to use Skype on your Chromebook in two different ways.

1. Install Skype from Google Play Store

Skype for Chromebooks

If your Chromebook is one of the many that supports Android apps from the Google Play Store, you can install the same Skype application that you use on your Android smartphone right on your Chromebook.

The Skype app currently works quite well on Chromebooks. Full-screen mode works great, voice and video calls work well, and Skype chat works as expected. Microsoft will most likely continue to support Skype on Chromebooks in the future as a first-class platform.

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2. Skype for Web

Skype for Web on Chromebooks

If your Chromebook doesn’t support Android apps, or if the Skype app is acting up, you can always use Skype for Web. As of October 2017, Skype for Web supports chat and voice calls but does not support video calls through the web. Microsoft promises video call support shortly.

If Microsoft eventually enables a standards-based version of Skype for Web with video calling, this will bring Skype into the era of web apps that work across browsers and platforms (similarly to Google Hangouts and other popular video conferencing software).

Does Skype Work for You?

What has your experience been like with Skype on your Chromebook? Were you able to install and use the Skype app from Google Play? Have you had success with Skype for Web? Leave a comment below and share your experience.