MacBook Screen Problems

Published on by Jim Mendenhall

A few days after I got my MacBook, I started to notice how horrible the screen is. I have a grid of diagonal lines that are especially visible in the left corner and on light colored images. Now, I’m noticing distortions on just about anything that has a gradient on it. This screen is just horrible!

I thought about sending it back, but only had a week before I needed to leave for an extended stay overseas. I didn’t want to risk not having a notebook at all, so I decided to live with the lines. It seems that others out there are having this same problem, and that Apple is unwilling to fix the problem for most people. You can read more here: MacBook Screen problem? - MacNN Forums

All this gets me to thinking about why I use OS X and buy Apple products. With all the complaints we’ve heard about the MacBook. It’s becoming obvious that Apple no longer makes superior hardware. Their design is great, but these notebooks are cheaply made.

What’s even worse is that you can’t use OS X (legally) on non-Apple hardware. If my MacBook screen goes out, I’m out of luck. My only choice is to buy a new Mac. If I were running Linux or Windows and my laptop went out, I could simply replace the laptop with a cheap PC notebook (or an old one I had sitting around), restore my data, and be back in business.

I like using OS X, but at what cost?