Chromebook Deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017

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Everyone knows that the best time of the year to buy certain items is right before the holidays. Every year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (the Friday after Thanksgiving and the following Monday), stores come up with crazy deals on items they think will attract shoppers to their stores. The last few years, almost every major electronics retailer has had a Chromebook on sale for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Some traditional retailers will advertise these sales weeks in advance, and often their sale flyers are “leaked” to the internet. Outlets like Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples, Walmart, Sams Club, Costco, and Target are all likely to have Chromebooks for sale at rock-bottom prices. We will post any information we can find about these deals on this page as soon as we see them.

Online-only retailers like Amazon tend to keep their sales secret until the last moment, but we will be watching the online stores closely all weekend and post the best deals here as they appear on Amazon.

In 2016, you could get a new Chromebook for as low as $79, how low will the sales go in 2017?


Not wanting to be left out of the Black Friday festivities, Samsung’s own online store is offering some pretty good deals this year. The biggest news is that they’re offering $100 off both the Samsung Chromebook Pro and Samsung Chromebook Plus. These are some top of the line Chromebooks and not lower-end models like most sites are offering. They also have a decent price on two models of the Samsung Chromebook 3, but these prices are not as low as some other retailers. Samsung Chromebook Black Friday 2017

Best Buy

The Black Friday ad from Best buy advertises doorbusters for the Samsung Chromebook 3 in two different versions. The model with 2GB of RAM and 16GB or storage will be on sale for $99, with a beefed-up model featuring 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage will be on sale for $119. The Samsung Chromebook 3 is a very popular model and is sure to be a hit with families this holiday season.

Best Buy is also advertising the Acer Chromebook R11 with 4 GB of RAM for $179. That is $20 cheaper than Costco’s deal on the same Chromebook, and I would expect to see this model on sale at other retailers this season as well. Best Buy Chromebook Black Friday 2017


Walmart Chromebook Black Friday 2017 Retailing giant Walmart is getting in on the Chromebook action again this Black Friday with deals on two low-end Chromebooks. Like many other stores, Walmart is featuring the Samsung Chromebook 3, but their price is still higher than Best Buy’s. They will also sell an 11 inch HP Chromebook with a touchscreen for $179. Neither of these Chromebooks is anything special, but they might make nice stocking stuffers for those looking for a cheap computer this holiday season.

Costco Chromebook Black Friday 2017 Costco ads for Black Friday have leaked online, and it looks like they will be selling the Acer Chromebook R11 for the discounted price of $199.99. This is an excellent price for this Intel-based Chromebook with Play Store support!


Target Chromebook Black Friday 2017 Target’s Black Friday ad shows a “Doorbuster” deal on HP Chromebook x360. The x360 is an attractive Chromebook aimed mostly at the education market, so its durability makes it an excellent choice for kids this holiday season. This Chromebook sells typically for around $300, so the $219 price at Target makes it particularly attractive to parents looking for a good notebook for their kids.

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